Papaya For Rejuvenate Skin

Papaya Reduces Wrinkles and Rejuvenates the Skin. Papaya has bleaching properties which naturally reduce the dark spots on our skin and make the skin flawless.

First of all we have to cut papaya into small pieces. Then grind it in a grinder so that we can make a fine paste of it. After that we have to put solution in a bowl. Papaya controls acne and also removes blemishes from the skin.

* Now we will use 4 methods to make the skin of the face bright –

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Moisturizing
  4. Face Mask


  • For cleansing, we have to take papaya paste, 2 spoonful in a bowl.
  • We will add raw milk in it. Raw milk is useful to remove dirt from our skin, it contains the most lactic acid, so reduce all the damage of the skin.
  • Mix it well till the milk dissolves into papaya paste.
  • With the help of a cotton ball, apply it for 2 min and massage your face well .



  1.  Papaya
  2. Rice Flour
  3. Sugar
  4. Essential oil



  • For the exfoliating process, first of all we have to take 2 spoonful papaya paste in a bowl .
  • Then add 1 spoon rice flour in it. Rice Flour helps in whitening and lightening our skin. And It is the best source for scrubbing.
  • After that add 1 tablespoon of sugar to it. Sugar is a natural way to scrub, you can scrub it by mixing it in any other ingredient .
  • You can also add coffee, oats to it because coffee is also a very good ingredient for scrub.
  • And add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil which is your fav one.
  • Mix it well then massage your face by it for 5 min.


Ingredients we need

  1. Papaya
  2. Honey
  3. Aloe vera gel
  4. Essential oil
  • For Moisturizing we have to take 2 spoonful papaya paste in a bowl.
  • Then add 1 tablespoon honey in it and 2 tablespoon aloe vera gel. Because with Aloe Vera Gel, you can naturally moisturize the skin.
  • Add 2 to 3 drop of essential oil which you like most.
  • Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your face for 5 min.

Papaya Face Mask

Ingredients we need

  1. Gram Flour
  2. Lemon oil
  3. Papaya Paste
  • For face mask, we will take 2 tsp gram flour in a bowl.
  • Add 2 tsp lemon to it, after that add 2 tsp papaya paste.
  • Mix it well.
  • Apply it on your face for 20 min and wash your face with normal water.


Ingredients We Need 

  1. Aloe vera Gel
  2. Almond oil
  3. Vitamin-E Capsules
  4. Papaya Paste


  • For the serum, first we will take 2 tsp aloe vera gel in a bowl.
  • In this we will add 1 tsp of almond oil.
  • Then put a vitamin E capsule in it, it is best for our skin.
  •  Then we have to add 2 spoons of papaya paste in it .
  • Mix all these ingredients well,  this serum felt like gold in the night, Which will reduce all the scars on our face, and also helps in whitening our skin.
  • We will see its results in 20 days if we use this serum daily.


Papaya Ice-Cubes

  • Papaya Ice cube is best for our skin.
  • It reduces our open pores and we can apply before such cleansing and we can also apply it daily .  
  • For papaya ice cube add 1 tsp lemon juice to the paste of papaya and mix it well and put it in the cube.
  • Then keep it in the fridge.